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“Even after a few years, I’m not sure how seemingly so little “manipulation” works but it does. I feel better not only physically but emotionally too and my body just feels and works better”.
Mrs. Janice Bobroff, March 2003
“In August 1999, for no apparent reason, both my knees became swollen. My left leg was affected from my knee to my ankle, so I couldn’t walk very well,’ says Tiffany Hunt, 33. ‘My doctor and the local hospital didn’t know what was wrong, so a friend recommended Douglas Diehl. After the first treatment, the swelling went down so much I knew BEST was working. I saw Diehl twice a week for the first two weeks, after which the swelling disappeared, and I still see him every six weeks for maintenance.

‘I sometimes get a tight feeling in the back of my knee which makes me realise I am stressed or tired, so I slow down. I’m also far healthier now. I used to suffer badly with coughs, colds and tonsillitis, but not any longer. I used to feel out of control, but my life now is far calmer. I feel grounded, happier and more positive about my life”.
Cliona O’Connell
“I had cystitis, which has dogged me for 30 years. After visiting Douglas, I walk down the street feeling lighter and it isn't until I have some lunch that I realise I have no pain in my bladder -and it hasn't come back!”.
Frances Ive
8th July 2003

This brief testimonial is to highlight the benefits I have received (and continue to do so) while under the care of Dr Diehl.

I have suffered with a bulging disc in the lower back since 1988-89. I have visited several practitioners over the years to find relief and hope that there was something I could do to prevent relapse. This included traditional and non-traditional chiropractors, osteopaths, IMS etc. Although relief was achieved, in many cases it was short lived and necessitated the ongoing visits. The severity of the condition included complete "locking" of the muscles on one side, intense pain and mental anguish.

Importantly, I started to become more aware of my body and warning signals but in some ways did not know what to do about it.

I was recommended the services of Dr Diehl who I have been seeing for almost a year.

The transition is very marked. I feel that with the treatment the frequency and severity of "attacks" have been greatly reduced. There is some physical manipulation but mostly the treatment centres on the body's memory. It has made a huge difference in the way I feel about the condition and has given me increased confidence. Unfortunately, the bulging disc will remain but now I have a better understanding of the condition, the limitations of what I can and can't do and the factors that aggravate it.

I would recommend the care of Dr Diehl to anyone who suffers from back pain.

Michael Kennett