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ACCESS is a concept that addresses all aspects of the body. To address only one aspect of health is to limit the success possible.

The HUMAN BODY is made up of a variety of systems designed to work harmoniously with each other. The systems were designed perfectly and when working together perfectly the end result is health, aliveness, lots of energy and a full experience of life.

The BODY is made up of:
1. The actual Physical Machine.
The compilation of the parts, organs, muscles, bones, glands that carry out the different tasks of survival and reproduction.
2. The Mind. The mind is a compilation of secondary information that is taught to you by others. It’s other people’s illusions of reality that they get you to believe as your reality too. The Mind is an educated concept. It’s information that when put together becomes a story. Your story. The Mind is the story you go to life from, it dictates what you think how you act or don’t, it creates your beliefs. The mind wants to maintain the story and be right (always).
3. The Electro-magnetic Field. This is a field of electro-magnetic energy a shell in which we exist. It is the matrix, blue print that keeps us whole. It comes into being at conception and holds the information that body grows into.

The purpose of the Body.
1. Survival of threats to its physical existence.
2. Reproduce itself.

Causes of dis-ease.
1.Cellular Toxicity,
due to bad food intake, stress and excess exercise
2.Neurological overload due to physical trauma and stress. The nervous system can become overloaded and breaks down. It then sends information incoherently. The body ends up doing the right thing at the wrong time.
3. Stress. Worrying about the illusion of how you would like life to be and the reality of how it is. Negativity and negative thinking is the biggest killer today. People who live in a negative frame of mind keep their body in a constant state of defense. When you are in defense your body stops repairing itself. Your body breaks down and the aging process is accelerated.

Well Being.
Being well is the capacity to stay present. When the Body is in the present time then it works in the here and now not in the reactivated inappropriate past.  ACCESS work brings the body into the present and vastly improves it’s physical and emotional well being.
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Tracking Fear in the Body

Fear sends the body into hyper vigilant state by honing the senses and allocating energy for quickened response. Here is a look at how the senses within the body are mobilised, when the brain thinks it's being threatened.

Hold your mouse over the captions for an explanation.
Liver - Releases sugar into blood for added energyHeart - Beats FasterPerspiration - Increases to regulate body temperatureBreathing - Quickens to take in more oxygenBlood Pressure - RisesArms and Legs - Receive extra blood for energyStomach - Vessels constrict to force blood elsewhere