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The ACCESS TO INNATE workshops are taught in two stages. Level 1. and Level 2 - open only to Therapists.

Level I. Two-day weekend.
Course Includes:
Introduction to the philosophy of the technique.
Basic human anatomy.
Energy field anatomy
Polarity technique
Nutrition and Toxicity Analysis
Immune system Analysis and correction.
Level 1 Technique Analysis and Correction.

Level II. two two-day weekends (a+b).
Course Includes:
Review of Level 1.
Anatomy of the Mind. Where it comes from and how it controls you.
Emotional Barriers. Their importance in health.
Energy centers – Chakras. Their relationship to disease and health.
Level 2. Technique analysis and correction.
Electro Magnetic Field. It’s relationship to the body and it’s influence in health.

You can see the Workshop dates in Germany on the page www.access-to-innate.de.