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Dr. Douglas Diehl has amalgamated a diverse variety of techniques. These include traditional concepts of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique ( B.E.S.T.), Healing Touch, The body energy centres (the Chakras), and a variety of Life Philosophies. The end result is the synthesis of the many concepts into an approach Dr. Diehl calls ACCESS TO INNATE.

The purpose is to ACCESS TO INNATE the instigating triggers causing the processes that resulted in the symptom and disease. The Body created perfectly never makes mistakes. We all know that it does not work perfectly all the time and this is not due to a design fault, it’s a stimulus response problem. The body does not argue; if you prick the skin you bleed. Therefore if there is always perfect response to stimulus, then the symptoms and diseases are simply the perfect end result of what you have been doing to yourself. Correct the input and you update the output.

ACCESS TO INNATE is designed to clear out the clutter we put into the memory banks consciously and sub-consciously which are reactivated through the five senses or the thinking process. The body is designed to do only two things, 1. Survive a threat to its existence (tiger coming at you). 2. Reproduce itself. All the stuff about happiness, wealthy, success etc., the body doesn't care. You’re happy great you’re not so what. If anything in the in the environment reminds the memory banks of a past experience that is threat, the body will go into memory. In doing so it reactivates the old survival responses, overrides the present time circumstance and you will find yourself in ‘flight, fright, fight,’ mode, in a defense mode. If the tiger is coming at you then that is appropriate any time else it is not and wears you out. ACCESS TO INNATE is about updating the memory bank, clearing it of erroneous data that is no longer necessary.

Combined with B.E.S.T., which updates neurological information, the program clears the body systems and along with Toxicity analysis improves cellular function. If the body’s capacity to function and adapt to changes in its environment the improved physical and mental health are the result.

B.E.S.T. / ACCESS TO INNATE, is a hands on non force non intrusive chiropractic technique that clears and keeps the nervous system in the body clear allowing for better flow of information allowing for more harmony in the body and the mind. Better and improved health.

Dr. Diehl continues to research improved ways of doing his work and at the same time teaches it to other health care professionals around the world.

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